The process begins with meeting with the customer. We gather all information needed to build their file. We then schedule an appointment to do a free inspection on their property.


A Project Manager will thoroughly assess the damages of the property. They will then go over the damages with the customer, and from there offer all our services, as need be.


We then help in the claim filing process with the insurance company that the customer is insured with.


Once the claim is filed, an adjuster is sent to the property to inspect for damages. Our Project Manager will attend the meeting also, to assist with anything the property owner or adjuster may need.


When the claim gets approved, we can then begin the production process. Our job is to meet the satisfaction of the customer in every way. Frontier offers a 5 year standard workmanship warranty. If the customer chooses to go with one of our trusted architectural systems, they will receive a lifetime workmanship warranty.


Production has been completed and it is now time to help the customer in the collection process. Before that happens, the Project Manager will do a final walkthrough/inspection with the homeowner. Once all needs and concerns are met, we then make sure all money owed is gathered, so we can close the job out completely.