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Roof Repair is an immediate and temporary solution to an active leak. We refurbish all damages at “flashing conditions” or on roof surfaces. This includes caulking, minor resurfacing and penetration damage.

Most roof leaks occur at what are called “flashing conditions.” Flashing conditions are where the roof changes directions in certain sections such as air conditioning units, exhaust vents, skylights or walls. In fact, 90% of all roof leaks originate from flashing conditions.


Our roofing contractors are available year round, which is critical during emergency situation and storm seasons.  It’s important for home and business owners to schedule inspections to maintain the roof’s value and functionality.

It may not snow much in the south, but sun and rain can damage roof shingles over time too—not to mention hail and strong winds. Detecting leaks and other damages early is cost-effective and minimizes hassle on you.


Know that you will have the comfort and security of a team of knowledgeable professionals who will be with you from the beginning. AT Frontier, we will begin with a full inspection (free of charge) to determine if a new roof is what you need.
Then we will develop a plan and decide on materials suited to your situation.

We want to to make sure that the project is as efficient and as top quality as can be. Your brand new roof needs to be around for you to enjoy for as long as possible.

Do you know of a roof in need? Refer them to us and receive a $100 “Thank You” Amazon gift card if we work with them!